Frequently Asked Questions

  • Returns and Exchanges

  • What is your return policy?

    Happy customers is our priority! Please contact customcondoms@globalprotection.com with detailed information regarding your request and the issue with the product you received. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may refund or reprint your order. Please note: condoms are a medical device, and we cannot accept returns.


  • Can I re-sell condoms I make through Custom Condoms®?

    The Custom Condoms® program (www.customcondoms.com) allows you to apply your logo or design to a variety of ready-made condom promotional items, such as condom keychains, condom pops, condom buttercups, condom wrappers, or condom cases. They are intended more as promotional items, such as for events, parties, or giveaways. Condoms are classified as a medical device, and the packaging of condoms is overseen by the FDA. Because Global Protection is the condom manufacturer, Custom Condoms® products cannot be repackaged into retail cartons (such as 3-packs or 12-packs). There are very specific rules/text and lot coding for retail cartons that must be approved and overseen by Global Protection (the manufacturer). Custom Condoms® thus cannot be sold in-store or in a retail setting. If you are interested in retail packaging or developing an actual brand for sale, please check our Private Label program.