Are you looking for the perfect white elephant gift? Look no further than Custom Condoms®. This hilarious and ridiculous gift is sure to leave your friends and guests laughing. Check out our ready to print designs, including the Holiday Collection, which features a few naughty designs. One says, “I Heard the Stockings Were Hung,” and another says, “Santa Only Cums Once A Year.”

Prefer to design your own? Upload a picture of your friend, a group picture, or even a picture of your dog! The customization options are as endless as your imagination.

White elephant gift exchanges involve each guest bringing a wrapped gift, and placing it in the pool. Usually the group sits in a circle, and the pool is in the middle. Some people draw numbers to determine the order in which everyone opens a gift, others just go around the circle. The first player picks their gift, opens it, and lets everyone see it. When it’s your turn, you pick your mystery gift. Don’t like it? Well you’re in luck as you can trade with anyone that has already opened their gift. But be careful, as someone could trade their gift for yours down the line.

Custom Condoms® will bring smiles to your guests faces - whether you order Custom Condoms that are printed on a solid condom wrapper, a clear condom wrapper, or even a condom buttercup, your guests are sure to love them....the best part is that if they don’t, someone else might and could trade down the line.

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